The Best Slots of 2016 So Farâ€....

By :- Sharia, On November 10, 2016 in ::-Slot Machines
We’re well into 2016 and it sure has been a fun year for new slots. In fact, the online slots we’re seeing just keep on getting better and better! Every month, we see brand new slots with fantastic features, some branded with well-known themes and storylines, and some having never seen before structures that you thought at one point impossible. There have also been some new releases .... {{ Continue Reading }}

Slots at Home

By :- Sharia, On February 5, 2016 in ::-Slot Machines
There're two ways that you can enjoy a bit of a punt, a tipple, a gamble. You can do it for fun, with play money, or stress yourself out to the max and play with real money. I don’t mind doing a bit of both and it’s really the occasion that determines which way I play. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}