5 Tips to Perform Better in Poker Tournaments

By :- Sharia, On June 6, 2017 in ::-Online Poker

Poker tournaments have become incredibly popular. Not only are there the major live tournaments being held regularly, online casinos and poker rooms offer tournaments around the clock. There’s no shortage of tournaments to play, but there is a shortage of skilled players in those tournaments. If you’re going to win at tournament poker, there are some tips you need to know.

First of all, to be a better poker player, you need to be a well-rounded gambler. That means knowing the in’s and out’s of the casino industry. Here’s a useful link to help you learn more.

Now, here are the top tips for tournament poker.

1: Always know exactly how many chips you have. Just because you have a pile in front of you doesn’t mean you’re playing effectively. You should track the financials at the table, including your chip count, the blinds, and the other player’s chip count. Knowing these things, especially other player’s chip counts, gives you an advantage. Informed players are better players.

2: Play tight in the beginning. Once you lose all your chips, it’s game over, you’re out of the tournament. Play tight and let other players make those big first moves that so often cost them their stack. Only play the best hands and don’t try bluffing until further on in the tournament and you’ve been able to read the other players for tells. Once the number of players has dropped some, then you can start to shift to aggressive play.

3: Be patient. Poker tournaments can last a long time. Don’t go in with guns blazing. Settle into your game. Play the hands you want to play. Don’t let other players force you into mistakes. If you’re starting to feel anxious, take a deep breath and think about the long approach.

4: Don’t get stuck on the bubble. The bubble is one of the best/worst times of any poker tournament. There’s the anticipation of making in into the money, versus going home empty handed. If you’re on the bubble, you should play as tight as you do at the beginning of the tournament. Let other players fall out. This time is all about surviving and making it into the money.

5: Don’t be afraid to fold. Some of the best advice you can give new poker players is to not be afraid to fold. Don’t get caught up in ego play, where you’re battling a player’s personality instead of the hand in play. Read the board and if you have even the smallest doubt … fold!

Use these tips in your next tournament for a better chance at winning big!

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