A Review of Glossy Bingo with tips and tricks from real players

By :- Sharia, On June 5, 2018 in ::-Bingo

Glossy Bingo is a major player in the field of online Bingo and are the subject of many excellent reviews from players, I have listed some of the revies below but if you want to read more, you can visit a site such as TrustPilot. Glossy Bingo pride themselves in their customer support and are all about trying to help the customer, they would appear to recognise the competitive niche that they are operating within. Here is another guide with a glossy bingo review. Here are some of the great features that they include with their service:

  • ‘Lovely site very helpful live chat and very generous bonuses and rewards. I really enjoy playing at Glossy bingo’.
  • ‘I like glossy bingo because I’ve always had a good experience when I play and it has a lot of different games to choose from too’
  • ‘Nice support and games’
  • ‘ No winnings, slots going crazy.If you have any withdrawals ,you have to be patience – long time’

Glossy Bingo use the negative reviews as a way of improving their service and are keen to do that.

Some tips and tricks from players on the site

  • Make sure that you know the game and that you are familiar with your way about the site, seems obvious but this has been a downfall of some! Do you know about he prizes and how they can be won?
  • Play more than one card at a time but watch your budget! It is tempting to get a bit carried away. Buy as many cards as you can watch and that your budget will allow.
  • Take advantage of any bonus offers which are usually in the form of free cards or cash, it means that you are able to play for free. Keep an eye out for the special offers or promotions.
  • Join a Bingo community online and share ideas, it can be quite amazing what you can learn from other people and even better all the tips and tricks come free of charge. You can also learn from the mistakes of others and increase your learning more quickly.
  • Avoid busy games and choose games which are more expensive. Busy games reduce your odds of winning and the more expensive games attract less people so therefore increase your odds of a win. The prizes are also larger!
  • Go with your gut and pick ‘lucky’ cards. Change your cards if you feel unlucky, you can do this. Try to pick a card where the numbers are spread out to give yourself the best possible chance of a win.
  • Remember that gambling whether it is Bingo or any other form of gambling, is an addiction and as such it is easy to win then very quickly lose all of your winnings. A very important tip is to quit while you’re ahead, even if it means having to drag yourself away from your machine! Some sensible and successful players will set themselves a limit and will refuse to go beyond that.
  • If you are someone who likes to follow strategies, there are 2 main ones available, Granville’s and Tippett’s. Granville was a Financial writer who used hi Mathematical skills and devised a system around symmetry. Tippett was a Statistician who suggested another strategy. Both strategi es are widely available online.


Good Luck!

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