About Us


Hey! Nice to see you click on my website. My name is Sharia Watson and I have a passion for playing Bingo. Remember when this used to be just for bored housewives? Or the unemployed? Well, it’s still the same a bit but now, with some prize money enough to take you on a holiday to Spain, lots more people are playing.

About Me

I live in Trowbridge, which is in Wiltshire in South West England. It’s not a small town but it’s certainly not a big city. I hate big cities. My folks had come from Jamaica before I was born and they settled here and are still here. I was working at the local Museum until they made some changes and I found myself unemployed. I am sure I’ll find some work soon but until then I spend a bit of time on my computer.my town

Traditional Bingo

That brings me to this blog. I might as well start a blog and see what eventuates. Maybe there are people with the same interests and we get some communication happening. My friend Julie invited me to the local Civic Center to play a bit of Bingo and that was my intro. I got kind of hooked and loved going there to hear the callers. Legs Eleven. Two Fat Ladies (88). UnLucky for Some (13). Two Little Ducks (22). How did they come up with these names? It was fascinating. The prizes were pretty good too and I was lucky enough to win a dinner for two on one occasion and £25 on another. Once you win, then the game really grows on you.

Online Bingo

They don’t play in town every day so I found out that you can play online. It’s a bit different because the marking of your card is electronic and you don’t get to yell out “Bingo!” when you have the required numbers. That means once you buy your ticket and need to dash off to make a cuppa, you can still win because the computer recognizes your card. In live Bingo, you have to wait for a break to go to the toilet or get a drink. It’s pretty intense really when you play live haha.

Best Sites and Checks

They say 888Ladies is the best site but I prefer Wink. Both are splendid and they provide bonus sign ups of £70 and £65 respectively. To pick a website to play Bingo here’s a few things to check out before you take the plunge:

  • The credentials of the company. Make sure they honor the payouts and provide an attractive bonus sign up without strings attached.
  • Customer Support. How do you get in touch with somebody if you have a problem?
  • Are they legal? Government regulated or not?
  • What methods do they have for paying out?
  • Any hidden conditions before you cash out?
  • What % of earnings come back to the players?

I hope all that helps and if you join online on any of these sites look me up. My online tag is Ebonee22. A lot of fun without much hassle. Cheers!