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By :- Sharia, On March 21, 2016 in ::-Bingo

I don’t know whether it’s good or bad but there seems to be an increase of casino sites on the internet. How do I know that? There’s nothing like a bit of spam that gets into your inbox at times to advertise the fact that another online casino is opening up and is offering you some ridiculous amount as a bonus to open an account. That’s how! I hope these new sites are being watched by the UK Gambling Commission to ensure that the safety and the security of punters are being protected. This site offers support and live chat which is great for UK players. Don’t forget, a UK Gambling Commission license is a must, so make sure there is evidence of that somewhere on the site.

I’m just passing my time playing Bingo but for websites to offer anything and everything to their customers, they expand their services. It makes sense to me because if you like to gamble and are getting a bit bored with the games that are available on your favourite site, you may want to change the game. Just be careful, people, don’t get addicted.

Anyway, as I was saying, this site now offers lots of options to play a varied range of gambling games. You can play online poker, a fave of mine actually, next to Bingo, you can play the slot machines, and have a punt on the gallops, there’s always a horse race going on somewhere. The Bingo I play I can do on my browser, I don’t even need to download any apps to my Android smartphone. It’s the same for your iOS iPads, just use the browser.

I was out shopping with my friend Emily the other day and she actually plays on the casino sites for real money. How brave, I thought. I mean, I play Bingo for real money but am a bit conservative to try the other games, so far. We were discussing how she actually gets funds into the gambling account and she told me she uses her phone account because it’s so convenient. Huh? Please explain. Okay, if you have a monthly bill running for your mobile rental account, (and don’t we all?), then you can transfer money from that through an online payment set-up called For real? You don’t need to do bank transfers or Paypal payments. Just a few button pushes and payment is made. In fact, this system is available to pay all sorts of accounts. Why is it so convenient? Well dear readers, what’s the one thing we can never do without in our society today? Yep, you got it, our smartphones. What with Facebook and Instagram and Shopify and Pinterest, how could you possibly live without your mobile? Silly question, right? So there is always some money sitting there in the case of emergencies.

That bit of information got me interested. I mean I was playing Bingo almost daily while sending out job applications and going to interviews. By the way, finding something close to home is going to be darn hard. I am hoping the museum has another big expo so they re-hire me. Otherwise, I will have to move away from home, hardly affordable in my situation. Anyway, having the opportunity to play mobile Bingo with real money thanks to no deposit mobile bingo bonuses which you can access on makes life a bit easier. I just need to be careful not to spend too much. Better to win and have that money go back into my account. A win like that guy did last year online, £13million, now wouldn’t that be lovely?

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