The Most Popular Blackjack Variations

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Blackjack is one of the biggest favorites among online casino ( players, which led to more than a few variations developing over time. Most of those follow the basic rules but have added a couple of twists to make the game even more exciting! Here’s a short overview of the most popular variations, some of which are available only if you play casino online.

Bonus Blackjack

The Bonus Blackjack s very likely the most common variation. The game follows the same set of rules and you could even use the same blackjack strategies to increase the payout. The game is slightly different than the original because you’d be able to do a separate bet to the side that will have you win a bonus if you get a blackjack. A nice addition in this variation is that it’s played only with two decks of cards so card counters can apply the same counting strategies with ease and leave home with hefty rewards.

European Blackjack

The modern game of Blackjack has evolved from the European Blackjack, which is still popular throughout Europe. Nowadays, this variation, which is played with 8 decks of cards, tries to beat professional card counters, so the rules are set accordingly. For instance, the dealer is not allowed to look at his/her hidden card nor you could split 4s, 5s, and 10s or do re-splits.

Blackjack Switch

Designed in 2009, this variation is fairly new though extremely popular, especially in the online casino world. As the name suggest, the slight variation here is that you’re dealt two hands instead of one and you could choose to trade (or switch) the second card in each hand. However, it’s not as easy to win a lot of money playing Blackjack Switch because casinos are paying 1-1 winning odds instead of the 3-2 payoff as in regular blackjack.

Elimination Blackjack

If you’re looking to compete with other players rather than with the house, then the Elimination Blackjack would be your thing. This variation can be described as something in-between blackjack and Texas hold’em poker. The goal is to knock other players and remain the last one on the table.

Multi Hand Blackjack

The Multi Hand Blackjack is a good choice only if you’re used to playing single hand blackjack, though the rules are basically the same. This variation is extremely popular if you’re playing casino online, and minimum bets are usually a dollar each so players would be encouraged to play. However, note that it’s impossible to do card counting since the dealer is virtual and uses new six or eight decks of cards on every hand.

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