Signs You Need to Refresh Your Betting Strategy

By :- Sharia, On January 15, 2017 in ::-Sports Betting

Well I may be into bingo more than anything else, but I guess you could legitimately refer to me as somewhat of a professional gambler, although nowhere near to the tune of those professional poker players who periodically get invited to some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious poker tournaments. There are however some streaks I go on during which I develop a good enough betting strategy to amass some good, consistent winnings and so I guess my two cents worth on that matter is at least worth something.

Whatever your favourite online game may be, if you’ve been winning for a while and you want to maintain an overall winning streak, there are some warning signs which periodically pop up to let you know that it’s perhaps time to refresh your strategy. Never ignore these signs.

You Have Hunch

Never ignore what some of us like to refer to as the gambler’s hunch. That feeling in your gut that it’s perhaps time for a change in strategy is there for a reason — take heed before it’s too late and you find yourself having to start all over again by devising a new strategy in more of a “catch-up” mode than anything else.

You’ve Been Using it For A Bit Too Long


This is right up there with the gambler’s hunch you get that it’s perhaps time to switch up strategies. You don’t have to make drastic changes, but if you’ve been using the same betting strategy for more than a month to six weeks, you best bet it’s time to change as changes in the house’s system are imminent. It can be hard to try and effect changes when you appear to be comfortable, granted, but what you can do to combat this clear uneasiness is make use of alternative gaming platforms to those three or four which make up your main collection. For instance, with some casino games online real money can be won even if you’ve not placed a bet with your own money, so that would be the perfect platform over which to test out new strategies.

It can be really hard to predict which direction the inevitable change is going to steer proceedings in, but when it does happen, at least you will have already tested one different strategy which could have you maintaining your winning streak going forward.

It’s No Longer Yielding Results

This is perhaps an obvious reason for refreshing your betting strategy. I mean if it isn’t yielding results then you may as well just head to a physical casino exclusively for the fun of it, taking a chance on the slots and on the tables purely as a play on chance. Another reason why strategies tend to reach the end of their lifespan is when everyone starts catching on and using the same strategy, which saturates the market. Ask sports bettors — they know all about this.

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