Smart Investments Made by Big-Winning Gamblers

By :- Sharia, On November 17, 2017 in ::-Exchange Betting

You’d perhaps see it more visibly in the physical casino environment how a real spectacle is made out of the few and far between events of someone actually amassing some big winnings from gambling, mostly because the gambling operators pretty much just want to encourage onlookers to keep trying their luck and effectively keep spending their money with the hope that their own big payday is just one more spin away. Very rarely would you see the same type of showmanship surrounding the announcement of often infinitely bigger winnings through something like the lottery, but that’s mostly because winners of such big amounts of money choose to exercise their right to remain anonymous.

Often winners of the kind of money that comes with lotto jackpots don’t even know just exactly what to do with all this money since it’s likely more money than they’ve ever even imagined existed in their lives, let alone money they’ve had any experience handling. However, not all overnight riches success stories such as these end in the sort of tragedy which sees the winner left in a worse of financial position than they were in prior to getting their mega payday.

There are some great instances in which big winning gamblers went against the grain and actually made some really smart investments and naturally these are some big winners who are willing to have their stories publicised, so much so that there’s an entire television series about sudden millionaires who made their fortunes through gambling.

One such smart mega winner actually set aside one million dollars out of the 49 odd million they won in a regional state lottery to really go crazy and spend, spend, spend to their heart’s content. This really turned out to be a smart move in order to get that impulse to spend out of the way, after which time they went on to invest in a string of international hotels all over the world which basically just keep multiplying her riches. Also, she always has a presidential suite to stay in wherever it is she goes abroad, so there’s no splashing out aimlessly on expensive accommodation as one of the many ways through which big spenders squander their cash fast.

There are many more stories of smart investments made by big winning gamblers, another one of which features a winner who went on to open up his very own holiday resort which, get this, features a resident casino.

The story that takes the cake for me though is the one about a big money winner who basically just makes money selling his betting strategy, drawing on so much material he collected along the way and en route to his big lotto jackpot win, including all of his receipts for the online lottery tickets he’s been buying for a period of over six years with great consistency in the numbers he chooses. His e-book about how to win the lottery has sold so many licences that he hasn’t even had to touch the money he won from the lottery itself.

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