Top Games for Social Fun

By :- Sharia, On August 3, 2018 in ::-Bingo

For centuries, gaming has been a way to connect with each other, unleash our competitive sides, and embrace the thrill of winning. Whether you choose online or offline games, the draw and allure is the same; you get to spend time with those who truly love the game as much as you. It’s a bonding experience, one which can span generations, from grandparents to grandchildren battling on the PlayStation together. For those who want to boost their social skills, taking part in games is one way to do so. Below are three games to try today where you can connect and meet new and old friends, and maybe even win!


While Poker is intensely competitive, with players practicing their ‘Poker face’ in the mirror, it is also ideal for a games night with your friends and family, where you don’t have to bet £100’s to have fun. There are a variety of Poker games which you can learn and play, with the most popular and easily played being Texas Hold ‘Em. This version of the game is the one which is played in competitions around the globe, with prize funds reaching the millions. For beginners, there are a variety of online tutorials to ensure you know the best methods to play, and you pick up the terminology! For example, “Blind” is a set amount of money which each player places before the game begins. Online poker is a fun, social way to take part in the game, with a variety of casinos available, such as Bitcoin Casino where you stake bitcoins rather than money.


There’s nothing quite like the thrill of gathering your nearest and dearest together, embracing the silence of the hall while numbers are drawn, then hoping your numbers are called! While bingo was once seen as an uncool past time, attendance to bingo halls is becoming a popular night out for all ages, with nightclubs now running specific ‘Bingo Nights’ to draw the young crowds. Now, it’s common to see hen nights and stag parties taking part in the fun, with bingo halls serving alcohol and food to truly make it a night to remember. However, online bingo is incredibly popular as well, and the draw to these is also the social aspect. Quite often bingo websites have live-chat features where players can socialise and interact while playing.

World of Warcraft

This game allows players to live a second, fantasy life, perhaps as a wizard or elf if you so choose! Available online, World of Warcraft is played by people across the globe, across the age levels, and ranging from housewives to celebrities. First launched in 2014, it is very accessible for all levels of players, and the social aspect is undeniably a very popular feature. There is a sense of community with those who play World of Warcraft, and whether you play with friends or you make friends online, it is a game where you build bonds and relationships. In fact, there are instances where players have got married after meeting on the game!

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